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LIVE SMARTER NOT HARDER: Are Artificially-Sweetened Drinks Just as Bad as Naturally Sweetened?


If you think you’re doing your body a favor, by drinking artificially-sweetened beverages, it’s time to think again.

A new study reveals that diet drinks are every bit as bad for your heart as sugary drinks are.

The study, published in Tuesday’s “Journal of American College of Cardiology,” found “both higher consumers of sugary drinks and of artificially sweetened beverages had higher risks of first incident cardiovascular disease.”

Whether patients prefer sugar sweetened drinks or sugar substitutes, I always caution patients to use either sparingly,” says dietitian Kate Patton.  “This study confirms what we know from other research, which is that excess portions of both added sugary drinks and sugar sweetened beverages have a negative impact on overall health.

However, sugary drinks are worse for your TEETH.

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