Don’t Sweat that Powerball Jackpot – Winning the Lottery Could Bankrupt You
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Here’s How Winning the Lottery Could Bankrupt You
Nobody won the biggest Powerball, yet, over the weekend, so the big prize is still up for grabs.  But this may surprise you:  Lottery winners still run into financial difficulty.  
So, before you buy a ticket, think about this:

The average person who is in their 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s, and who is given a large financial gift, quickly, loses half the money.  That’s either through frivolous spending or poor investments.

AND:  One-third of lottery winners go bankrupt!

How is this possible?  Lottery playing peaks in one’s 30’s and the average American lives to 75 or 80.  This means that, even if you win big, you have 45 years, or more, to spend – literally.

If you ever do win the grand prize, plan ahead, and keep an eye on your purse strings!

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