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Don’t Fix an Apple on your Hog. Well, Don’t Mount Your iPhone on your Motorcycle.

This photo provided by Apple shows second-generation iPhone SE. Apple announced Wednesday, April 15 2020, is releasing the new iPhone that will be vastly cheaper than the models it rolled out last fall before the coronavirus pandemic had forced people to rethink their spending. (Apple via AP)

If you care about your iPhone camera, you will not attach your phone to a motorcycle, moped or scooter.

Apple published a document Friday…  It warns users that attaching your phone to these vehicles can expose them to high-amplitude vibrations – which can degrade the phones optical image stabilization (OIS) and closed loop autofocus systems, over time.  Basically, you’ll ruin the deluxe camera features you paid so much for.

All iPhones beginning with the iPhone 6 Plus have either an OIS or closed-loop autofocus system to keep images clear even if you accidentally move.

Get a better picture, here:  (Gizmodo)


If you mount your iPhone on a motorcycle the vibrations will destroy the autofocus and the image stabilization systems on your camera. 

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