Artificial Christmas Trees Will Be More Expensive This Year – Due to High Shipping Costs
Last year, lockdown made us miss our traditions; and that nostalgia caused the trend of trying a real tree for Christmas to grow, big-time.  And more folks were home to take care of them; which made them less of a hazard.  But now:  You might want to hang on to that old artificial Christmas tree, this year, if you have one.  And if you don’t, the time to get one would be now.  You might look at decorations a little early, as well.  Here’s why:  Supply chain issues.
The cost of the fake trees is set to jump up to 66-percent, due to ongoing global supply issues, port problems and shipping container shortages.
Balsam Hill, an artificial tree company, based in California, is selling its four-and-a-half-foot tall Grand Canyon Cedar Tree for $499 this year, which is $199 more than it cost in 2020.
Meanwhile, Treetime, an Illinois-based company, says the cost of shipping has jumped by 500-percent…  But it’s goal is to raise the prices of its trees by no more than 20-percent.
Balsam Hill reports that, due to issues with the global supply chain, tree inventory is down by 22-percent, with stock of other decorations down by 42-percent.
Experts anticipate that thrift stores will likely raise prices of these items, as well; especially since there may be fewer donations of the trees and decorations.

Brush up on more, here:  (DailyMail)

  • The costs of artificial Christmas trees are going up significantly this year due to global supply chain issues, shipping cost increases, and more
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