Dolly Parton’s Manager Wants To Use Morgan Wallen’s Strategy For Success And “Apply That To Dolly”

Morgan Wallen rules streaming country music. His song “Last Night” was the top played on Spotify in the US in 2023, as was his album “One Thing At A Time,” and it was included on Apple Music’s 100 most streamed songs globally for 2023.

With 16 non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, “Last Night” matched for the second-longest run of all-time and the longest run of a non-collaborative single. It topped the Hot Country Songs chart for 25 weeks and became the first song to reach one billion streams in a year.

Any artist, from a young up-and-comer to Dolly Parton, hopes to have half that success with their music in the streaming age.

Dolly’s manager, Danny Nozell told Billboard that he’d “love to apply” some of Morgan’s streaming technique to Mrs. Dolly in a recent interview for a piece on Morgan. “This is a new generation that is streaming, which is something new to Dolly. What Morgan is doing, I want to take and see how I can apply that to Dolly.”

What new technique do you plan to master in 2024?