Dolly Parton Reveals the, Um, Top Requirement to Portray her in a Biopic…
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Webster PR)

Dolly Parton says, among other things, like “spunk,” boobs are a requirement.  I bet you guessed that.   🙂

Reports indicate a Dolly Parton biopic may be coming…  And, in a new interview, Parton was asked about what would be required of an actor, to portray her.

Dolly responded, “Well I don’t know.  I think when it gets to that point we’ll be auditioning a lot of different people.  And we’ll just have to see.  She would need to have my spirit, I would think.  She’d have to have a lot of that fire and spunk.  And she’d have to have some boobs, of course.  Whether they were homemade or whether they were real.”

There have been quite a few young singers who’ve performed her songs at Dollywood

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