Dolly Parton Launches her own Perfume – ‘Scent From Above’

While some were criticizing Dolly Parton for her Super Bowl Squarespace5 to 9” ad, in which she praised hard-working entrepreneurs, many people missed her big announcement.

Parton has launched a perfume called, “Dolly – Scent From Above.”

The fragrance was created in partnership with Edge Beauty.

CEO, Steve Mormoris, says the company will work with Dolly on “a multiplicity of olfactory forms that will indicate the fragrance value,” hinting that besides perfume, there could be scents created for hair, home, body, and clothes.

Dolly says she’s always been questioned about her scent, which she says is created with her signature combination of bath oils, powders, and perfumes.

Dolly – Scent From Above will be available in July – but you can get $10 samples now from Parton’s website.

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