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Dolly Parton Gives Rare Glimpse of Gorgeous Real Hair And Hidden Tattoos…

Birthday girl Dolly Parton has a signature style that includes big wigs and a body that was the talk of the town before anyone knew what a Kardashian was.  Now, at 75, some of Dolly’s beauty secrets are revealed – after a photo surfaced, from a 1965 studio session.

It shows Dolly’s natural hair.  As for the reason why Dolly has been partial to wigs she says, “For one thing they were so handy.  Plus my hair would never do exactly what I wanted it to. So the wigs became kind of my trademark.

There also had been rumors, for years, that Dolly had tattoos…  But it wasn’t until Ab Fab star Jennifer Saunders confirmed she had seen Dolly’s tattoos, “…she just opened her jacket and showed us, can I say, the most beautiful tattoos.

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