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Dogs Know Things… Especially How to Re-Unite Family… Check This Out

Two Siberian Husky puppies laying on floor with tails making a heart shape
Loose Dog Hops into Florida Detective’s Passenger Seat
If you wish this could happen to you, while you’re just doing your job, you’re not alone.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, in Florida, said in a Facebook post:  A detective was sitting in his car, when he spotted a loose dog, wandering in traffic.  So he opened his door, called to the dog, and the dog jumped right into the passenger seat of his control vehicle.  The post says the detective “drove his new canine friend to Animal Care and Control, where his microchip identified his owners.”  Officials say the dog was reunited with his family.


Missing Pennsylvania Boy Found… In his Own House by his Family Dog
This could’ve been bad; but turned out quite well. A boy was recently reported missing in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  But the 13-year-old was found, safe and sound, inside his own home – by the family dog.  Police had used drones, police K9s and did yard-by-yard searches for the boy by Friday morning (May 6th).  It turns out he had actually come home around 8:30 p.m. on Thursday (May 5th), after baseball practice.  He was inside the house.  But his family apparently couldn’t find him – and reported him as missing.



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