Dogs and Cats Disappear on the Fourth of July – More Than Any Other Day
Did you know that more pets become lost on July 4th, more than any other day?  It’s true.  They are much more likely to run away or hide – and resist coming home, or have trouble finding it, again.
The Wichita Police Department reminds pet owners – across the nation – that the sound of fireworks can elicit feelings of fear and anxiety in pets.  In fact, it’s very likely to, because it’s the sound of danger, for them.
And they endure a much tougher audio experience than we do.

Dogs can hear more than twice as many frequencies as humans.

To keep your pets, safe, you may contact your veterinarian, to ask about medication.  You may try location tags, like a Tile chip on the collar.  O you may consider using distractions like toys, and lots of comforting time, together, to help calm your animals down.

Learn more, here:  (Fox News)

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