Dog Dementia Is Real – But We Can Protect our Canines from Suffering – Here’s How
Study:  Dog Playdates Can Help Prevent Canine Dementia  
Dogs deal with health issues, just like everyone else…  even dementia.  But we can make it a lot less likely.

A new study shows that exercising, socializing, learning and playing are all important factors, for preventing canine dementia.  Really, they are for us, too.  Makes sense.

Social and cognitive enrichment can also protect dogs from brain cell death, and brain restructure loss, which causes memory and cognitive issues.

Because age-related brain changes and cognitive decline are similar between dogs and people, dogs are a useful model to study treatments for diseases that quicken neuron death and cognitive decline, like Alzheimer’s,” says Professor Christopher Norris from the University of Kentucky.  That’s according to a statement from SWNS.

(Dig up more, here:  Study Finds)

Which activity does your dog enjoy most?  What do you enjoy doing, together?  Does your pup have a favorite doggy-buddy?

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