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Does Your Business Have Cubicles or an Open Floor Plan? You Might Want to Consider This

Being in an open office is supposed to make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues, but it definitely makes you more likely to catch their cold. The issue is that an uncovered cough or sneeze can create a spray of up to 40,000 disease-ridden droplets that travel at up to 200 miles per hour and a distance of 26 feet. They then hang in the air for up to ten minutes, and even if you avoid breathing them in they can stick to your clothes and skin to infect you later. Office walls offer barriers to these germs, but open office plans usually lack office walls and even cubicle walls. Studies have shown that open office plans actually reduce collaboration and productivity, and that the only advantage they provide is more natural light. If you really want to stay healthy you should just work from home. Here’s the complete story from

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