If your family is like mine, Halloween is more about safe fun for kids, neighbors getting to greet neighbors and folks looking out for each other.  It’s about making memories and getting a little nostalgic, too.  

But has it become a social determiner?

According to HuffPost, what you decide to give away for Halloween treats says a lot about your personality – and whether you care about your status.

They say there’s a hierarchy to giving out candy, and coming in as the best is king-size chocolate bars.  Behind that, sour and extreme flavors are best, and then any kind of chocolate after that is ideal.

According to a study, buying branded candy might mean someone is making an effort to people-please.  “There’s a fear that if you hand out subpar candy, your reputation in the neighborhood will take a nosedive,” they wrote.

They also say that if a person gives away chocolate, gummies, and candy corn, they probably bought the candy for themselves.

My dad would say this is all “nuts.”  I just try to offer some of the chocolate without nuts.  And I mix in Smarties, because he always did.  They may not be the coolest, but most people can enjoy them, safely.  ~ Mo


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