Does One Bad Night of Sleep Ruin Your Whole Week?


When you have a bad night of sleep, it’s gonna ruin SOMETHING.  But does it just ruin your morning – or maybe your day – or is it more devastating than that?

According to a new survey, HALF of people say that one bad night of sleep can, quote, “derail their entire week.”

Now, the survey was paid for by a mattress company.  But it’s still revealing.  Conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Tempur-Pedic, the survey also shows that 93% of us say that, when we have a rough night of sleep, it affects our productivity at work.

And over 27% percent (almost one out of three of us) think we sleep worse when we share a bed with a partner.

Sleep experts warn that, from a neurological perspective, napping is NOT a replacement for lost sleep.  But they say it can help you feel more rested, during the day.

Yet 44% incorrectly believe that taking a nap during the day can “make up for ‘lost’ sleep” at night.

There’s more slightly alarming information, here:  (SWNS Digital)  

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