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Does Dropping a Pickle in Cheap Beer Make It Taste Better?

I might just be crazy enough . . . and bored enough . . . to try this.  People online claim that if you want to make a cheap light beer taste better, just drop a PICKLE in there.

It’s not a new idea.  “Esquire” did a write-up on it a few years ago.  But does it really work?  Well, if you HATE pickles, the answer is no.  But if you like them, the answer is . . . maybe.

Some people think it gives light beer a nice kick because pickles have so much salt.  So they go well with beer just like other salty foods, like chips, pretzels, and fries.  Just make sure you use a big enough glass.  It tends to foam up when you drop the pickle in.

Baby size pickles.


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