Does Holiday Music Stress You Out?  Here’s Why…

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The holidays aren’t magical for everyone, and Christmas music really stresses some people out.

There’s been no scientific research; but a few surveys in the last decade have found some percentage of Americans really dislike Christmas music.

A Consumer Reports survey, from 2011, found that 23-percent of respondents said they dread seasonal music around the holidays; while a 2017 survey by Soundtrack Your Brand shows that 17-percent of US shoppers say they dislike Christmas music…  And 16-percent of retail staff reveal that they feel like holiday music “dampens their emotional well-being.”

Dr. Elaine Rodino says Christmas music can have a significant impact on people, as it can really connect to memories and emotions—and some people don’t have great memories surrounding winter holidays.

Christmas tunes could also remind people of the stress they experience around the holidays.

Rodino says to ease some of that stress, “[Don’t] get so pulled into the requirements of decorating, sending greeting cards, how many gifts you have to buy for people.  All of these categories have easier ways of dealing with it without being a Grinch.

She also says that anyone who feels stress or sadness around the holidays should try to uncover and deal with what’s causing those emotions, and “spend time thinking about their issues.”  If hearing holiday music stresses you out, you should avoid it.

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  • Some people get really stressed out by Christmas music, and an expert says that’s because it can stir up memories and emotions, and some people don’t have good memories related to Christmas
  • In addition, experts say if you do get sad or stressed around the holidays it’s a good time to ask yourself why, and really spend time thinking about your issues—and if hearing Christmas music stresses you out you should try to avoid it

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