WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Do You Know How to Tell If Someone Is Lying?
Study:  Proven Ways To Spot Liars
Can you tell when someone is telling the truth?
Recent research suggests that you should pay attention to the amount of detail a person shares, and the look on that person’s face.

Scientists at the University of Amsterdam conducted nine tests on 1,000 people and found that more details, included in a story, indicated truthfulness, and fewer details suggested a fib.

This could be because liars avoid details…  It may be because they only increase the odds of getting caught…  if someone catches a detail and thinks, “wait, that’s not right.”

Facial expression is also key.  Fake smiles, or smiling in the mouth and not in the eyes, are another sign of dishonesty, which might be why people find such smiles unsettling.

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