Do Men Only See a Doctor When Something is Extremely Wrong?  Or Is That a Myth?
79% of Men Only See a Doctor When Something Is Extremely Wrong

A survey of 2,000 Americans shows that 79% of men only see a doctor when something is “severely” wrong.  And it’s not just the guys who are holding back:  75% of women, who should have one, have not had a pap smear in the past five years.

Only 48% of all surveyed have visited a physician for a physical in the past year.  And 28% are more afraid of seeing a doctor now than they were before the pandemic.

Some reasons to avoid the doctor include time, pain, and a dislike of being touched or examined.

Patients are much more likely to follow through with regular preventive healthcare when they are informed and experience a trust-based and compassionate relationship with their clinicians,” so says Maureen Knoff, of the Henry Schein Cares Foundation.

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