Do Dogs Grieve?  Yes.  Here’s How to Help Them
Yes, Dogs Grieve…  Here’s How to Help Them 

When their human passes, or a best furry companion dies, you may be wondering:  Do surviving pets grieve?

Research shows that our furry friends do mourn.  And their activities and behavior can change after a close human companion passes on.

Some signs include hiding, cowering, irritability, anxiety, and changes of appetite.

Here are the best ways to help a grieving pup:

  • Maintain routines, even call a little more attention to them.  
  • Offer some extra sense of security.  
  • Provide, of course, plenty of love and attention. 

Remember that a dog’s sense of smell is hundreds (some, thousands) of times stronger than ours.  So, your pup is going to smell reminders of the person or pet who has passed, everywhere (toys, collars, sleeping or eating spots, etc.).

And, when a dog needs a new human, a relative or familiar friend may be best, because of that, and because of routine.

Dogs are pack animals, so, when possible, introduce a new furry friend to your fur-baby – whether as a new family member, or a new friend, down the street.

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Even the corgis in England grieve, at the loss of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

This is my Hank, when he was still looking for Hunny Bunny…  afraid he would disappear, too.   

~ Mo


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