Digital Multitasking Can Harm a Child’s Mental Health
Study:  Digital Multitasking Can Be Detrimental to a Child’s Mental Health
Like us, kids are exposed to a lot of digital information each day, from various sources; and, not unlike us, a new study finds this might not be good for their mental health.
Swiss researchers surveyed kids, ages eight to 12, and found that using multiple devices at the same time (for example texting while watching TV) “is associated with more frequent ADHD-like behavior as rated by their teachers, when controlling for total media time, gender, and age.”
The study did have some limitations, however.  It only looked at a small number of children.  And the findings could not prove, unequivocally, that kids who use multiple devices at once developed more problematic behaviors.

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New study findings suggest kids who use multiple digital devices at the same time may also display increased behavior issues—but the study could not prove causation, and only looked at a small number of children

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