Dierks Bentley Stresses the Importance of ‘Being Present’
((Photo by Evan Frost/NHLI via Getty Images)

Dierks Bentley has released a new single ahead of his 10th studio album called “Gold.”

The singer has reignited his love for music after taking some time off.  “I think the song is a lot about just being present in the moment you’re in and recognizing that the grass isn’t always greener, although the mountains are taller in Colorado,” he added.

It’s a message as much for me as it is for anybody else about just gratitude.”

A video for the song has been released, showing Bentley on the road with his bandmates.  The video is set on his tour bus, appropriately named “Goldie.”

Bentley is currently on his “Beers On Me” tour; and he will headline his own festival, “Seven Peaks,” September 2-4.