Dierks Bentley Shares a Great Taylor Swift Story

During a recent interview, Dierks Bentley shared a heartwarming story about Taylor Swift.

Bentley recounted how Swift invited him to sing on stage with her, during a show in Kansas City*; which reveals her thoughtfulness and generosity.  His story also shows her level of control over her performances.

Shortly after he finished his own tour, the country music star and his family wanted to see Taylor, so they reached out for professional courtesy.  After he contacted her manager, Taylor said not only wanted him to bring his family to the show, but she also wanted him to perform “Every Mile a Memory.”  What a memory to make for his kids.  🙂

Taylor asked Dierks what color he wanted the audience’s bracelets to light up as they sang, and he responded, “red.” Taylor said, “I think you want white,” to which Bentley agreed.

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)


*(We wonder if it was at the time her BF Travis Kelce tried to meet her – at his home stadium as a KC Chiefs tight end…)

What is your favorite thing about Taylor Swift?

And your favorite song from each star?

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