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Dierks Bentley Plans a Dive Bar Tour – with his Alter-Ego?

Dierks Bentley announces that he is planning a dive bar tour…  but it might not be what you expect.

He talked about the upcoming event:  “I’m gonna do a little dive bar tour, just for the heck of it.  Why not, you know?  You can right now … kind of get the word out that we’re back.”

Bentley has not yet offered any details, about when the tour might begin.  But he has revealed where he got the idea for the shows.  He said, “The Hot Country Knights actually wanted to do the dive bar tour. But they might tag along … They might be out there.”  That’s the name of the ’90’s country music band led by “Doug Douglason” – who is actually Dierks’ alter-ego.  They’ve recorded some really funny ’90’s parody songs with legends like Terri Clark (“You Make It Hard”) and Travis Tritt (“Pick Her Up”).  Just the mullet wigs, worn by every Bentley band member, are worth a look.

[[Remember when Garth Brooks became rock musician “Chris Gaines,” back in 1999?  Garth has hinted, lately, that he might bring back Gaines…  And his pre-pandemic “dive bar tour,” with Blake Shelton, was a huge success.  Stay tuned.  ~ Mo ]]

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