Did You Know That ‘The Voice’ Rejected Luke Combs?!  Here’s the So-Called WHY

…Because He ‘Wasn’t Interesting Enough for Ratings’ – WtH?

Sometimes competition shows really are more about ratings than talent.

Luke Combs knows all too well.  He opened up about his experience, auditioning for ‘The Voice.”  And, somewhere, still, you may hear the sounds of producers banging their heads – not only because they didn’t give him a chance… but because they could have had all that early video of him…  and all that revenue from it.

Luke could sing his butt off, and everybody knew it.  But as it turns out, the producers didn’t think Luke was, quote, “interesting enough” to boost the show’s ratings, they way they wanted.

Combs recalled the rejection which came, after he made it to the final 200:  “I was on spring break a few years ago, when ‘The Voice’ was having auditions in Atlanta, Georgia.  In my audition round, I was the only guy – and you get about thirty seconds to sing.  I made it to the next round that was at a studio, and then made it to the next cut.  They had four audition cities, and narrowed it from about 10,000 to 200 people.

Luke explains:  “I made it through those rounds with the producers; but I got a letter saying I wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough for the show’s ratings so I didn’t get to the show.”

The singer and songwriter of 14 consecutive number one hits adds:  “But it gave me a lot of confidence, because I was good enough, voice-wise, to make it through all those producer auditions.”

Way to look for the up-side, Luke.  🙂

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