Did You Get More Rest When You Were ‘Home for the Holidays’ or Less?
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So, maybe we think we’ll sleep better in our own childhood beds, or maybe we think the soporific effect of the turkey dinner will do it…  Maybe we think that annoying relatives will stress our sleep away, or that some drinks will knock us out.  But here’s what really happens.
Sleep Foundation is out with a new survey  – which reveals that 27% of us actually lose sleep, when we are “home for the holidays.”  Here’s why:
  • 36% of respondents say they drink more alcohol than normal on a holiday visit – which can trigger sleep loss.
  • Respondents say they lose at least 20 minutes of sleep when they stay at a relatives home, for the holidays.
  • 51.2% – over half – say overeating and drinking help them actually get a better nights sleep – which may be more because of the full stomach.
View the full survey HERE.
Dr. Angela Holliday-Bell shares why getting sleep during the holidays is important for everyone:
Planning is key for holiday hosts, even if it means setting aside time for inevitable chaos.”  She is a Certified Sleep Specialist, Sleep Coach, Physician, and contributor for SleepFoundation.org.
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