One thing we know for sure, Miranda Lambert is still rather fiesty. Apparently Miranda was involved in some sort of dispute this past Sunday at the Stoney River Steakhouse in Nashville.
Miranda was there with her mom and a family friend. According to TMZ, it started when Miranda’s friend was in the men’s room and some older guy made a comment about Millennials and their phones.
Somehow, that led to a beef between the two of them. At one point the old guy came over to Miranda’s table and started “screaming” at them. That got Miranda so fired up she had to be held back.
Then the guy’s wife got into the mix and started “provoking” Miranda . . . so she walked over and dumped a salad in the woman’s lap. The police were called, but by then Miranda and her people had left. The cops didn’t file a report.
TMZ reached out to Miranda’s team, but they had no comment. Reps for the restaurant aren’t talking either.
There’s a cell phone video and some photos that were taken during the chaos. Unfortunately, you don’t see Miranda dumping the greens. That already happened. Here’s the complete story from TMZ.

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