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Did A Guy Crash His Plane For Clicks?

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The FAA is investigating a YouTuber, believing he purposely crashed his small plane so he could film it and get clicks. Trevor Jacob last November posted a YouTube video where he parachuted from a Taylorcraft BL64 plane and filmed it crashing into the hills of the Los Padres National Forest near Cuyama, California. During the flight, however, the Taylorcraft’s engine supposedly lost power, stalled, and could not be restarted. Jacob then pointed the plane nose-down and parachuted out, continuing to film himself and the plane crash as he descended. The video was immediately picked apart by aviation enthusiasts, who saw many irregularities and called out the crash as being staged. Whether or not Jacob will be prosecuted for the crash, or if he will have his pilot’s license revoked, is up to the FAA.

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