Deathbed Revelation:  Man Tells Family That He Was a Wanted Bank Robber

A Boston man, who died earlier this year, made a startling confession on his deathbad:  He was secretly a wanted bank robber.

Thomas Randele was a devoted family man, who was loved by almost everyone he met.  He died in May, after a battle with lung cancer.

But just before he died, he told his family that he was actually Thomas Conrad, who, in 1969 stole $215,000 from a Cleveland bank – the equivalent of $1.6 million today and one of the biggest heists in the city’s history.

Conrad changed his name in 1970 and moved to Boston, where he got married, raised children, and worked at a local car dealership.  He was never caught – despite the FBI search for him, over five decades.

Ever suspect someone you knew had a dark secret in their past?  Would this story make a good movie?  Could that kind of crime even be accomplished, today, in a higher-tech world?  

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