David Nail Wears His Heart On His Sleeve In ‘Best Of Me’

David Nail’s new song is about his wife and his father-in-law.

It was a year ago that Nail picked up his phone and texted an early recording of his new single “Best of Me” to a group of folks that included his wife, Catherine, his parents and his in-laws.

“I mean, obviously this song is about (Catherine),” says Nail. “But I really wanted it to be kind of a tribute to my father-in-law, too, and how much I really wanted to get his approval.”

“It was more than just wanting his blessing — I really wanted him to believe in me. I wanted him to believe in us.” Infusing this passion into “Best of Me” was something Nail says became a bit of an obsession, he even released the song earlier than anyone on his team had planned.

I’m digging this tune, how about you?