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Dan+Dog: Dan Smyers’ Family Adopts Senior Chihuahua

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smyers have just done a really good deed.  Dan and his wife, Abby, have adopted a 16-year-old chihuahua, who was “emaciated, had no teeth, and was terrified at the shelter.”

Quote, “She was dealt a tough hand in her previous life, but we’re going to make up for lost love the rest of the time she has left.”

Smyers posted on Instagram:  “We’re glad this tiny pup is safe now and finally getting to feel love (possibly for the first time). she’s making great strides, and we even saw some tail-wagging this afternoon (😭),” he added. “Once she is healthy again, we’ll make sure she finds the perfect forever home. as always, please #adoptdontshop. ❤️

This little sweetheart is their fifth dog.  To see more, go here:  (PEOPLE)  Such an adorable “Senora Chihuahua“!


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