There’s plenty of shade being thrown at moms for their parenting choices: from using plastic baby bottles to not getting into the best pre-school before the kid’s even born!

Dad’s are coming forward now, too, since they admit that they catch flak about what they do–or don’t do–with their kids to pull their weight with child-rearing.

“The latest results from the poll, which collects nationally representative data from roughly 2,000 US households, suggests that many dads are now experiencing the same. Fifty-two percent of fathers in this analysis experienced “daddy shaming,” according to poll co-director Sarah Clark, M.P.H., of the University of Michigan. Forty-three percent of those dads believe that the criticism is often or always unfair.”

Maybe moms and dads are both doing their best, and everybody else needs to butt out and worry about raising their own kids to their own standards. That might lead to a lot less shaming of BOTH parties!