Why the Cubs will win tonight

I’ve been reading the numerous social media posts asking what’s wrong with the Cubs? The answer, nothing. All the teams in the playoffs are really good teams. If you can recall their journey last year, the Cubs actually trailed in the World Series 3-1 before winning their first Championship in over 100 years. Why do I think they’ll win tonight?

  1. Kyle Hendricks- He’s a gamer, beat Clayton Kershaw last year in a game no one (at least the experts) said he could win.
  2.  Been there, Done That- they were behind the 8 ball against Cleveland in the World Series and pulled off some magic because of a very deep and talented team
  3.  The Nationals- let’s face it Cub fans know this, until you get the monkey off your back, it’s there and can weigh heavy. Dusty knows this too (see the 2003 Cubs managed by Dusty)
  4.  Win lose, Win lose, The Cubs won game 1, lost game 2, won game 3, lost game 4. We’re due to win game 5

So don’t fear tonight’s deciding game 5, embrace it. This is a really good time to be a Cubs fan!



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