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Couple Sues Taco Bell Over the Fine Print in a TV Ad

A New Jersey couple is calling out Taco Bell for what they say is consumer fraud. Nelson and Joann Estrella were craving a Chalupa Cravings box—advertised as a Chalupa Supreme, 5-Layer burrito, crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink, all for $5—when they visited their local Taco Bell in May 2018. But their bill came to $12.18 before taxes, a price that management explained by referencing a fine print disclaimer.
The disclaimer stating “prices may vary” did indeed appear in the TV ad, but in white text, one-sixteenth of the size of the font used to advertise the price, and “obscured” on a grey background, according to a lawsuit filed by the couple. They claim losses “in the form of time wasted driving … the gasoline expended … and in the amount of $2.18.”
“While it is $2 to my clients, it is hundreds of millions to Taco Bell,” says the Estrellas’ attorney, Douglas Schwartz. He says, “it’s against the law” to “tell someone you are going to charge them $5 in big bold print and then take it away with a fine print disclaimer.” A rep for Taco Bell says “our advertisements are truthful and accurate, and we will defend this case vigorously.” Read the complete story from Newser here.

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