Could AI Replace Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan or Simon Cowell?
Study:  AI Could Replace Simon Cowell – or Other Music Talent Judges

Will AI replace your favorite talent show judges?  Researchers in California have used artificial intelligence to identify hit pop songs… with 97% accuracy.

This technology could replicate famed Simon Cowell‘s skills, and for a fraction of the price.  That means Blake Shelton might not be so necessary (but he’s still fun) on The Voice, after all.  And what about Luke Bryan, on American Idol?

The AI could also be used to make streaming services, like Netflix, more efficient.

In the study, participants wore brain scanners, while they listened to 24 songs.  The brain signal data was then used to “neuroforecast” the number of streams which a song might receive.

This means that streaming services can readily identify new songs that are likely to be hits for people’s playlists more efficiently,” researcher Paul Zak of Claremont Graduate University said.

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