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Source: YouTube

Corey Kent has his very first hit on his hands with “Wild As Her,” a Top Five at country radio and climbing on the charts. While a successful songwriter in his own right, Corey didn’t have a hand in writing this one, which was penned by Morgan Wallen, Brett Tyler and Kelly Archer.

Prior to landing his first major label record deal, Corey was signed to a publishing deal and found it frustrating that his songs weren’t being recorded because the artists themselves wanted a hand in writing their own music. He tells us that having been in that situation, he made a promise to himself to give other writers a chance.

“I made a pact when I was a staff songwriter that if I ever got the chance to really be a full-blown artist, that real great songwriters, their songs would get a shot on my record. It they’re better than what I wrote it’s going on the record, and so that was the case with this song. It was a great song. It deserved to see the light of day. (I) wish I would’ve wrote it but I didn’t and here we are, and I’m glad that we recorded it, and you know what’s even cooler than winning and having a hit is winning and having a hit with friends.”

Corey was recently chosen as one of the Opry NextStage Class of 2023.