Cole Swindell and HARDY paired, recently, to take their drink-mixing skills “Down To The Bar.”

And they enlisted the help of Travis Denning and Ashley Cooke, to star in the new music video, which debuted on Tuesday morning (May 24).

In the video, Denning and Cooke argue while Denning drinks in front of the TV.

Denning rides shotgun with Cooke to Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville.  Cooke rolls her eyes and drives away as Denning explores the city’s bars and drinks from Swindell.

Before returning to the bar, he changes clothes at a Nashville boot shop.  “Well, my acting debut is finally here.  It may also be my acting farewell,” Denning joked on Instagram.

Watch me pretend date/hate [Travis Denning] in [Cole Swindell’s] music video,” Cooke wrote on Instagram.

Swindell is already reminiscing, noting that the video debut “kinda makes me want to go back…

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