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Coffee Affects Cholesterol Levels Differently for Women and Men – Here’s How

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Study:  Coffee Affects Cholesterol Levels Differently for Women and Men 

We’ve learned that coffee can affect your cholesterol…  But a study now shows its link with higher cholesterol varies by the gender of the drinker, as well as how the coffee is brewed.

Researchers now find that consuming three to five cups of espresso per day resulted in higher total cholesterol, particularly in men, compared to non-coffee drinkers.

They also found that drinking six or more cups of plunger coffee, daily, raised cholesterol, to a similar degree in both men and women.

Plus, drinking six or more cups of filtered coffee, every day, was associated with an increase of total cholesterol in women, but not in men.

And although instant coffee consumption was linked to an increase of cholesterol in men and women; it did not rise in tandem with the number of cups consumed.

The Cleveland Clinic says coffee contains naturally occurring chemicals, such as diterpenes, cafesrol and kahweol, which are known to raise levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Sip a little more, here:  (UPI)


  • A study finds that when men and women drink different amounts of coffee prepared in different ways, it affects how much the drink can raise their cholesterol

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