CMT Awards Overlook Roger Clemens, Mindy McCready Affair

At the 2024 CMT Awards, baseball star Roger Clemens paid tribute to the late Toby Keith with a musical performance and emotional speech.

Clemens and Keith had a longstanding friendship, with Clemens appearing in Keith’s music video and Keith inducting Clemens into the Houston Sports Hall of Fame.

However, memories of Clemens’ alleged relationship, with country singer Mindy McCready (which began when she was underage), resurfaced during the event.

McCready’s troubled life, including suicide attempts and overdoses, was linked to her relationship with Clemens.

The CMT Awards’ history of honoring controversial figures, like Nelly and Jennifer Nettles, who faced misconduct allegations, raises concerns about the platforming of individuals with problematic pasts in the country music industry.

Do you think Mindy McCready’s issues began with her relationship with Clemens?