Classic Country Albums Turn 40 This Year – Here’s the List

Rolling Stone has put together a list of 12 “classic country albums” turning 40 this year.  These are albums that came out back in 1980, when country was starting to really open itself up to mainstream pop audiences.

It sounds like the list was inspired by the 40th anniversary of the movie “Urban Cowboy,” which came out in 1980 [So did “Caddyshack” – win the 40th Anniversary Edition BluRay with Bossman, today!] . . . and featured pop, rock, and country artists on its soundtrack.  This is about when Dolly Parton’s movie “9 to 5,” came out, as well.  Here’s the list . . .

1.  “The Heart of the Matter” – The Kendalls

2.  “Musical Shapes” – Carlene Carter

3.  “9 to 5 and Odd Jobs” – Dolly Parton

4.  “Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People” – Hazel Dickens

5.  “There’s a Little Bit of Hank in Me” – Charley Pride

6.  “Back to the Barrooms” – Merle Haggard

7.  “Roses in the Snow” – Emmylou Harris

8.  “I Am What I Am” – George Jones

9.  “Gideon” – Kenny Rogers

10.  “Razzy” – Razzy Bailey

11.  “Hard Times” – Lacy J. Dalton

12.  “San Antonio Rose” – Willie Nelson and Ray Price

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