Chris Stapleton Helps Victims of Kentucky Flood with Charitable Fund

At first, not too many folks realized it was him.  But, in the days following the recent devastating flood in eastern Kentucky, native son Chris Stapleton has been spotted around some of the counties which are most in need of help.

Stapleton was seen buying supplies from a Walmart store in Prestonburg, where he met and comforted a little girl, named Etta, who’s six, and her autism keeps her from speaking…  His music is something she responds to…  and there’s a sweet picture of Chris, reassuring her.  It’s posted by an NBC reporter, who covers the story.

On Twitter:  @ShawnReynolds @NBCNews

Others have seen him helping with cleanup, in Knott County, according to reports.

Chris was willing to take pictures with fans along the way; and they posted their encounters on social media.

His Outlaw State of Kind Hometown Fund is donating funds to the Kentucky Red Cross to help those in need.  The Fund is accepting any donations.

At last count, 37 people lost their lives.  Hundreds of others are still unaccounted for, after record rainfall fell, at the start of August, in eastern Kentucky.

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