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Chris Stapleton listened to his music in a car!

So, it turns out that Chris Stapleton listened to his ACM nominated Album of the Year, Startin’ Over, probably the same way you listen to it too…in the car.

“I very much like to listen in a car. I think music is…for the most part, best listened to in a car – and we even check mixes in a car. We work in a professional studio, nice and real Hi-Fi ways, but ultimately, most people are going to listen to this thing in headphones or in their car. So, we make it a point to kind of listen that way. I want to hear things the way somebody out in the world in going to hear it. Not everybody is gonna have a hundred thousand dollar speakers in a mix room (laugh) to listen to things…I think you’d be crazy, but ultimately he has to feel good in the car, or in a pair of headphones, or earbuds that you stick in your ear when you’re taking a run. Those are the things that…that’s how people are going to listen.”

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