Chris Janson Accidentally Tosses his Harmonica and It Hits a Woman

Chris Janson Accidentally Throws his Harmonica at a Fan During a Show:  “Oh Sh*t Are You OK?” 

Chris Janson is a wild man on stage, bouncing around and giving one of the most explosive performances.

He’s also a great harmonica player, a lost talent in country music.  Recently, an audience member was hit when Chris became too enthusiastic during a concert.

Chris inadvertently threw his harp into the crowd, while he performed, as he opened for Cody Johnson at the Paycom Center, in Oklahoma City.

In the video, Chris panicked as the harmonica flew out of his hand, and he quickly made sure the woman hit by it was okay.  “Oh sh_t, are you okay?” he asks.

The woman nods yes, and hopefully she got to keep the harmonica.

Have you ever accidentally caused someone to get hurt?

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