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Chicago Mayor Puts Freeze on Parking, Traffic, Utility Debts during Crisis

To alleviate financial burdens on residents, who are affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the mayor of Chicago now suspends all debt collection, traffic ticketing and towing fees in the city.

Wednesday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced she hopes the financial relief will provide residents with “breathing room” in the midst of the crisis.  “This is a common sense way that we can help mitigate the burdens and pressures many are feeling,” she said.  “We realize that many of our residents are strapped for cash right now as the effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus has created difficult economic circumstances for those who are unable to work. We don’t want to further impact people who can’t afford to pay these penalties today.”

The move applies to all debts owed to the city, including utility company late fees, Lightfoot said.  Until the order is lifted, no interest will accrue on money owed to the city, she added.  There is a hold on all evictions, as well, according to the Sheriff’s department.

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