Check This Out to See if You Have You “Sunshine Guilt”

Today is the 2nd cloudy day in a row. What will you do tomorrow when the sun returns? That is the question you need to ask yourself if you have “Sunshine Guilt.”  Read on….

This is trending, and a lot of people say they’ve dealt with it.  Do you ever battle “sunshine guilt”?

It’s when there’s a string of days with bad weather . . . then it’s sunny . . . but you just don’t feel like going out.  Early spring is prime “sunshine guilt” season.

It’s loosely related to other trendy terms like FOMO, bed rotting, and “hurkle-durkling“.  That’s a Scottish term for staying in bed when it’s time to get up.

Your sunshine guilt might cut even deeper if you check social media and see your friends out enjoying the nice weather.

A woman on TikTok is blowing up after she said she was having a perfectly okay day indoors, until her sunshine guilt ruined everything.

(NY Post)

(Here’s the video.)