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The Odd, Old Custom Feature Jason Aldean Is Building into His New Home…

…basically, it’s a bomb shelter / panic room.

The new house that JASON and BRITTANY ALDEAN are building is still under construction, but Brittany posted an update on her Instagram story.  It shows a few pics, but the one that stands out is the concrete safe room.”

Though it’s totally bare right now, it still looks impenetrable, which is what they’re going for, right?  You can check out a photo of the room on

It’s easy to understand why this might be so important to the Aldeans, after what they went through, at the Route 91 massacre.

Jason had been on stage, performing, when the madman started shooting . . . and Brittany was pregnant, and backstage.  Then they got separated, during the chaos, for what must have seemed like an eternity.

[You know, I once owned a home that actually had one of these, from back in the Cold War days.  I didn’t care for it, really…  It kind of creeped me out.  But, after what they’ve been through…  I’d want a safe room, too. – Mo]

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