Maybe a little…  But it’s because he’s jealous.

Chase Rice just released his latest track, “I Hate Cowboys,” from his upcoming album “I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell,” on January 6.

Rice wrote the song with HARDY, Ross Copperman, and Brad Tursi of Old Dominion.  And the music video actually pays tribute to cowboy culture.

Rice clarifies that he doesn’t actually hate cowboys – instead, he pays homage to their iconic history with the song.

He says, “When you listen to the song, you, of course, get that I don’t actually hate cowboys – I’m really fortunate to call several of them great friends.”  Then, Chase adds, “But, damn, doesn’t it make you crazy when ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’ kicks open the door — with that hat and those Wranglers, and he can two-step better than you, talk cooler than you?  ‘I Hate Cowboys’ is an ode to the fact that, just like Taylor Sheridan writes in Yellowstone, if it were easier, everyone would cowboy…  hell, I wish I could!

The album will honor his late father.  And it will feature a photo of him, for the album cover.

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