Celebrities of Ukrainian and Russian Descent React to Conflict: ‘My Heart Hurts’

Getty Images

Several Ukrainian and Russian celebrities have taken to social media, to share their thoughts on the current conflict.

Ukrainian-born star Maks Chmerkovskiy, a choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars,” took to social media in fear as he walked to a bomb shelter.  The dancer said the attack is reminiscent of when his family left in the ‘90s.

Vera Farmiga, who was in the “Conjuring,” posted the Ukrainian flag, with lyrics from the country’s anthem.

Regina Spektor, a Grammy-nominated singer, compared Putin’s actions to those of Nazi Germany:  “There were, and still are, real Nazis in the world.  But in Ukraine that are just millions of civilians being pulled into a war, and in Russia there are children being sent to fight and die for no reason other than the bottomless and horror-filled ‘more more more more more more more’ of politicians and corporations.  And it’s terrifying,” wrote Spektor.

Vikings” actress Katheryn Winnick wrote, “We are a Peaceful Country. We Do Not Deserve This War.”  The Ukrainian-born actress said a lot of her friends have texted her.  Some are fleeing and some are staying to fight.

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