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Record Setting Cold Today and For the Last 4 Months!

Temperatures may not reach 10-degrees across counties to the north along the Illinois-Wisconsin border and 15-degrees well south of Interstate-80 today. A new record cold high temperatures for March 4 will be established – Chicago’s old record low-high temperature for this date was 17 degrees set back in 1890 – the March 4 old record low-high in Rockford was 14-degrees set back in 2002. We may even have a chance to establish a record low high temperature for March, especially in Rockford – the all-time March record cold high temperature at Chicago was 8 degrees on March 3, 1873 and 9 degrees on March 2, 2014 at Rockford.
Average high temperature in Chicago is 45, average low is 34 degrees.
Extended period of lack of warmth is unprecedented: Since 1871 this is the only November 1st -March 4th we have not had a temperature of 54 degrees or higher.