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Fix Your TV and Rewatch Game of Thrones’ Latest Episode

First, find the best quality stream. Some companies broadcast shows at a different bandwidth. Then check the brightness setting on your TV. If your set has a movie, cinema, or calibrated mode use that.  After that turn up the backlight level so you can see what’s going on, then turn off bright lights in the room.

Trying to Lose Weight? Here’s How You Should Find Your Goal Weight

Jim White, RD, ACSM, and owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, there is an easy, simple way to determine what your goal weight should be. For men it’s 106 pounds plus six pounds for every inch over five feet and for women, it’s 100 pounds plus five pounds for every inch over five feet.

Selfies are as Damaging to Skin as Sun Bathing

Nurse practitioner Sara Cheeney says she’s seen an increase in the number of patients dealing with skin damage, and many are those who take selfies daily. She says, “The blue rays from smartphone screens can do more damage than too much sunshine, so I would urge youngsters in particular to be extra careful.”

Army Vet Lost 44 Pounds Only Drinking Beer for Lent

An Ohio man didn’t eat any food for 46 days. Instead, he spent Lent downing craft beer. Del Hall, who says he drinks beer for a living, works at Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company. The army veteran lost 44 pounds over the course of about 40 days after being inspired to try an old Catholic tradition.

Snow Saturday Night? It Could Happen

With Saturday nights rain, falling temperatures, and 45 mph wind gusts a sighting of snow is possible. WGN-TV is reporting that any accumulation will be North of I-88.