Carson Daly’s Son Trolls Blake Shelton about Exiting ‘The Voice’

Over the years on The Voice, Blake Shelton and Carson Daly have become best buds…  So, it’s no wonder Carson’s 13-year-old son, Jackson felt very comfortable roasting Blake about leaving his father, after the season ends.

For NBC‘s Nightly News, Jackson Daly guilt-tripped Blake Shelton with the following question:  “You and my dad have been on The Voice throughout it all.  Why are you leaving him?

Shelton didn’t hesitate and answered quickly, “You know, when I first started on this show, I think you were one.  And I feel like I just wanted to stay here long enough, that I felt like you were grown enough, to make it on your own, without my influence.”

Daly then asked for advice for a 13-year-old who can audition for The Voice, Blake stated, “What I would say to you is music’s probably not gonna be your thing – because I’ve heard you sing.  And please, for the sake of your own self-worth, don’t put yourself through that.

Daly had a hilarious response saying, “He always tells me, ‘Fake it till you make it.’  That’s what you’ve done.


Blake Shelton’s ‘Back To The Honky Tonk Tour’ Is Winding Down

Blake Shelton has one more week left out on the road.  The country singer’s 18-date ‘Back to the Honky Tonk Tour’, launched Feb. 16 in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is set to close on March 25 in Buffalo, New York.

Joining Shelton has been current five-time CMA Awards nominee Carly Pearce, as well as newcomer Jackson Dean, who was featured as Billboard‘s Country Rookie of the Month, back in May.

There’s nothing like getting out on the road and taking music to the fans,” Shelton said via a press release.  “I feel just as excited to step on stage and perform as I did the very first time.”

Aside from wrapping up his tour, Shelton is also getting ready to exit ‘The Voice’ after the current season ends.

But he’s already received a renewal for a second season of his new show, “Barmageddon.”


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